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TCG Rules

The Rules for playing the Yugioh! Trading Card Game


Single Duels:
Life Points:
-Each player starts off with 8000
-When either player loses all of his/her life points, they lose.
Effect Cards:
-Flip effect monsters effects CANNOT BE SKIPPED (example: if u use man-eater bug's flip effect, and u dont have any monsters to destroy, u have to destroy that one)
-Flip Effect monsters effects can't be ignored if they're offering (Example: u offer fiber jar for a higher lvl monster)
Traps and Magics:
Chain 1- Magics/Spell
Chain 2- Traps, Quick play Magics/Spell
Chain 3- Counter Traps
Chain 2 counters Chain 1
Chain 3 Counters Chain 2
Chain 3 Counters Chain 3
(Example: Mystical space typhoon is activated (Chain 1) then Magic Jammer is activated to negate it (Chain 3)

Tag Team Rules:
-Each duelist begin with 8000LP
-If a duelist loses all his/her LP, his/her team does not lose, it'll be a standard 2 on 1 situation.

-When the battle begins, the first duelist from team 1 goes first. Then, the first duelist from team 2 goes. Then, the second duelist from team 1 goes. Finally, the second duelist from team 2 goes. After the second duelist from team 2 is finished the first duelist from 1 goes.
Note: No one can attack until its first member of team 1 goes again

Mass-Effect Cards:
-When you play cards that affects all monsters or magic/trap cards (like Raigeki or Dark Hole), It'll destroy ALL opponent's instead of just one -When Your opponent designates an attack and u use Mirror Force, Than the effect will only work with the Attacking monster and all the owners monsters, instead of both team members

Protecting Your Partner:
-If your partner doesn't have a monster on his/her field, and your opponent attack him/her directly, one of your monsters could take damage.
-The monster you use to protect your partner must be face-up.
-The monster you use to protect you partner may be in attack or defense mode.
-You can also offer your partner's monster BUT ONLY WITH PERMISSION!