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How to Play

How to Play the Yugioh Trading Card Game

How to Play:
You will learn how to play the Yu-Gi-Oh! Trading Card Games on this page. From this you will learn the steps of a duel and some rules to a duel.

To play Yu-Gi-Oh! TCG you must first have a deck (See Building a Deck for help to build a deck). After you have your deck you must learn your deck and find strategies to help you win the battle. Now learn the Rules and modify your Deck to fit the restriction/forbidden list.Now you're ready to play. Below you will learn the steps of a duel:

Step 1 - Draw 5 cards, this is known as the Draw Phase.

Step 2 - Next comes the Standby Phase. In this phase some card effects are activated but you don't do anything.

Step 3 - Next is the Main Phase 1, In this phase you can play and set as many Magic/Trap cards as you want, your playing field will only allow up to 5 magic or trap card set on the field, and summon one monster with 4 stars or less, to summon a 5,6 star monster you must sacrifice one monster from your field and to summon a 7,8 star monster you must sacrifice 2 monsters.

Step 4 - Next is the Battle Phase in this phase your face up monsters in attack mode may attack the opponents monsters. Each monster may attack once unless it has a special effect.

Step 5 - Next is Mainphase 2. In this phase you may play as many Magic/Trap cards as you wish and summon a monster if you haven't done so in Mainphase 1.

Step 6 - Next is the End Phase here you do not do anything and some cards effects are activated and you end yout turn.

Now it's your opponents turn and it's their turn goes through step 1-6.

You keep on playing like this until someone looses all their LP or loses by default (Exodia or Destiny Board).

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